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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Quick Game 1 Thoughts:

Tough luck start for Nate. The 5 run inning started off with a play he should have made on that dribbler from Damon. Can't give these Yankees any extra outs. They have 9 all stars, for cripes sake. After that, Nate was up 0-2 on Jeter and threw two great pitches...the 1-2 pitch especially looked like it should have been strike 3...but it wasn't. Unforunately, Jeter (a Michigan fan, at least) battled back and got a hit, and I think Nate might have lost focus a little bit...and when you lose focus against these guys they will take advantage. That's why they're great. So they got a little lucky in those two situations...but they capitalized on their breaks and made us pay. Again, that's why they're so good. We had opportunites to score earlier and didn't take advantage. Later, Maggs had two opportunites to drive in some runs and didn't. Also, the Yankees got their last two runs against Nate on a Abreu's seeing-eye hit past Placido. But that's baseball.

The Yankees bullpen is awful. We CAN take advantage of that.

Mussina going tommorrow...going to be tough, but we just need to get one in the Bronx. It will be fun to see how Verlander performs in Yankee Stadium in the postseason. It will be a good experience either way and hopefully the first of many October starts for him in his career. He has obviously struggled lately but maybe these 9 days off have helped him.

Does anyone like Joe Buck or Tim McCarver?

I liked the way Leyland handled the pitchers tonight. If we would have gotten a couple of hits when we had RISP, I bet we would have seen Zoom or Rodney. As usual, Nate showed guts after the 5 run inning and was able to save our bullpen. Grilli came in and did his job. And how our lefty specialist Jamie Walker only gave up one run in the 2 or so innings he pitched against some of the right handed bats he faced, I don't know. So we have our top 3 relievers absolutely ready to go in Game 2.

Let's go get one in the Bronx tommorrow...I gotta go study


Blogger Troy D. Green said...

Dude I love the blog and love the enthusiasm! Tigers got the split you predicted. Hopefully you are correct on games 3 and 4 too. Comerica is going to be rocking man--enjoy it. I sure miss playing ball with you guys. Hope all is well. Oh, I also have a blog on blogspot--it looks a lot like yours.

Go Blue. Go Tigers

5:39 PM  

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