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Thursday, October 05, 2006

quick thoughts following game 2:

Didn't get to watch too much of it due to school and lab, but what I did watch was ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!!! I got out of a lecture to watch Zoom pitch the bottom of the eigth...just an incredible performance. 102 on the outside black at the knees? I mean, WOW! During the summer, Simmons ranked the World Series (i.e. American League) contenders from top to bottom and the said that Zoom might be capable of hitting 105 with the adrenaline of the playoffs...with multiple pitches at 103 today, maybe the Copa gun and 42,000+ delirous Tigers fans can bump him up to 104 on Saturday. But it's one thing to throw that's another to have the control that he showed in his two innings today. I don't even know what to say.

I also got to watch the bottom of the 9th. Jonesy has been awesome since the all star break (1.80 ERA?) but I don't know many people that feel even remotely confident when he comes in...particularly against this lineup. But I think he is a great guy to have in the clubhouse and he genuinely seems like a phenomenal human being...and I think being a Tiger really means something to him. He felt bad about the way he stunk it up and the end of his first tenure here and I think he feels a special bond with the team and the city. I still like to believe that good things happen to good people, so maybe his success since his awful start is a product of that. Lord knows I was one of the people that was calling for Rodney or Zumaya to be the close in late May/early June...but Jonesy has perservered through some really tough times this season and pitched well the past 3 months or so. Now hopefully he doesn't blow a ninth-inning lead tommorrow (reverse jinx)!

As for game 3, I can't wait to get a feel for the atmosphere around town tommorrow. I'm planning on getting there around 4 pm...I hope the ovation these guys get tommorrow is going to be special. Coming off of a win in the Bronx against the most storied franchise in baseball history is truly special...I don't think I've ever had goosebumps for this long after anything! But just think about it: a crisp October night...the bright lights of Comerica shining down on the diamond...a buzz in the stands (I'm sure a lot of people in the stands tommorrow have never even seen the Tigers play a playoff game...myself included) as people try to figure out what to do and how to act...and the 2006 Detroit Tigers run out and take the field to face the New York Yankees. My suggestion? Listen to that part of you that just wants to let loose and become a part of something magical, something special...and SCREAM AND CHEER AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!!! Will us onto victory tommorrow! The Yankees obviously have been here before and won't be intimidated at all, but they do have chinks in their armor. Randy Johnson has dominated us this year...but is he even remotely healthy? And let's see if Kenny can spin some more magic tommorrow night and hold the powerful Yanks in check.

I can't wait...probably will have a tough time sleeping tonight. I am one of the most optimistic sports fans out there, but if you told me in April that this Tigers team would have a chance to win two games at home to win a playoff series against the New York Yankees, I probably wouldn't have believed you...I was only hoping for 85-90 wins! But hey, we're here and it has been a great ride so far. Let's see where it takes us tommorrow!

Let's go Tigs! Eat 'em up!

I'll see ya from Sec 332, row C!

By the way, sPARTIES...I haven't forgot about you. Unfortunately the Tigers game for Saturday is scheduled for 4 pm, giving you a distraction from the football game...but I am looking forward to that just as much as the Tigers! It's amazing how a team's fortune and attitude can change over the course of the last 9 minutes of the ND game and 1 game against home! The University of Michigan is looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Go Blue!


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